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November 27, 2015
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Did the holiday season creep up on you? Are you frantically trying to compete with other holiday sales? Are you short on budget and high on fourth-quarter goals?

Fortunately, digital media has changed the marketing game just enough to make a successful holiday sales season still within reach. Here are a few ideas to boost your holiday marketing on the fly with a shoestring budget.

#1: Social Media Blasts

I hope you’ve been keeping up with your social media following – because you’re going to need them now. If you haven’t – check out Heeren Content & Strategy’s social media services, we’ll help you get connected!


You can leverage your social media following through a Christmas contest to boost traffic to your website and increase sales. I like the Woobox and Heyo apps for quick and easy contest set up. Choose something that is image-based (Hello – ugly sweater photo contest, anyone?).

Make your prize something that is going to bring you a customer, don’t just give away a gift card on it’s own. I recommend giving away a gift card and an additional discount code for your winners. This helps you up-sell and boost sales.

I also recommend picking a winner every week and keeping the contest going all month – it encourages return followers!

 “Gift of the Day”

Make life easier on your customers! Feature one item each day, then post an image and a description of the item. You may even want to add a daily special for that particular item! By providing ideas to the gifting-challenged, you’re giving the customer a reason to shop with you specifically. You’ve just solved a problem and made a sale!

“Free Gift with Purchase”

You may also want to consider a “free gift with purchase” to boost the sale of a particular item each day. I recommend offering a gift card for future use with the purchase of an item today.

For example, “Buy a custom toolbox today, and receive a $10 gift certificate to ABC Woodworking!”

This creates an instant repeat customer, and gives an incentive to buy from you versus your competitor.

#2: Email Marketing

Have you built a great email list? Now is the time to reach out to your loyal customers and reward them for shopping with you!

Offer a “Loyal Customer Discount” code or coupon good through the end of the holiday season. This uses your established customer base to increase your sales and shows your appreciation for their support at the same time.

It’s good for branding, it’s good for sales, and it’s good for your customers. Win-Win-Win!

#3: Website Updates

Featured Items

Are you giving a special on certain items or services? That needs to be the first thing your prospective customer sees when then get to your website homepage. Don’t bury your best deals in your sub-pages – make it prominent. The fewer the hoops people have to jump through to buy, the better. Make it easy. One-click shopping is the way to go!

Bonus: If you have a special deal on a product or service – post it on social media! You can even create an ad for $1-50 a day to boost that item on Facebook. Make sure that ad clicks through directly to the purchase page for your item – don’t just link it to your homepage! Remember – less hoops equals more sales!

The Holiday Gift Guide

Last minute marketer, do you know who your best client is right now? The last-minute shopper! The person who has no idea what to get for their loved ones!

Take the guesswork out of shopping for your customers. Set up gift bundles, baskets, a “Gifts for Her” catalogue, a “Gifts for Him” catalogue – anything you can put together to take care of a big part of their shopping list. Do the shopping for them – conveniently all at your business!

Make sure you promote your gift guides on social media, of course!

#4: Plan for Next Holiday Season

Once you’re through the hectic holiday season, take the time to invest in your business and plan your marketing strategy. Review what worked this year, and what didn’t. Set yourself up for success by establishing a budget and a plan for next year’s holiday season so you can enjoy a successful fourth quarter without the stress.

Heeren Content & Strategy offers different content development services to help you reach your marketing goals in any season. Visit our services page or email erika@heerencontentstrategy.com for a free consultation!

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