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We’ve talked about the importance of having a social media plan, and what you risk by ‘winging it’. Let’s talk about how to start filling in your social media calendar.

Looking at those 28 to 31 blank spaces every month can be overwhelming. You want your pages to be interesting. You want your posts to get noticed. You want your social media efforts to work.

So, what separates the social media superstars from the Facebook flops?

Strategy! Planning and preparation are key to an effective social media calendar.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to get your calendar going:

  1. Break it Down (Weekly, that is..)

Don’t take on a whole month of social media posts in one sitting. I say this for two reasons: It gets overwhelming and you lose your conversational tone if you’re too prepped and programmed.

Pick a time on Saturday or Sunday and plan 5 to 7 days at a time. This will keep you current and on top of your content.

  1. Only ‘Sell’ Once a Week

Social media is about getting your brand out there, and many small business owners have fallen victim to talking about their products and prices nonstop. You don’t want to bombard your audience with pitch after pitch. Instead, pick one day a week where you feature a product, service, or sale/special.

  1. Save a Day for Your Blog

You’re blogging every week, right? If you’re not – let’s talk!

Pick one day per week and make that your “blog” day. Distribute your post on every social media outlet you have at your disposal. Make sure your blog is relevant, timely, and brief for easy reading for your busy audience!

  1. Get to Know the #Trend Days

#TBT, #MotivationMonday, #MCM, #WCW, #MusicMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #TravelTuesday, #WineWednesday, #FridayFunday, #SaturdaySwag, #SelfieSunday

WHEW! Did you know there were so trending hashtags for each day of the week? That’s not even the full list! While not every #Trend day is going to fit your business, it’s likely that you’ll find one or two that does. When you find it, fill in those days on your calendar each week with a post associated with the hashtag.

My personal favorite is #MotivationMonday – check out the Heeren Content & Strategy Facebook and Twitter pages for examples of trending daily hashtags in action!

  1. Your Community is a Resource

From your business pages, make sure you’re following other users and boards that relate to your content. I recommend following industry trade associations, local government and news pages, as well as magazine pages that speak to trends associated with your industry. If you see something interesting on their page, schedule it for a day that you’re missing content.

Keep this to one or two days a week – you want to show that you’re a part of the online community, but you also want the majority of your content to be unique to your business.

Still Stumped?

If you’re still struggling to come up with post ideas, Heeren Content & Strategy offers a variety social media packages for all platforms. These packages are designed to fit any budget and start at 5 posts per week.

We’ll write the content for you and help you fill in the blanks for your social media calendar. Our goal is to keep your audience coming back for more with fresh, compelling content everyday!

For more information, contact Erika Heeren.


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