The Building Blocks of Blogging: Finding a Purpose
January 24, 2016
Social Media Bootcamp: Foundations
February 13, 2016

We’ve talked about the best blogging content.

We’ve talked about finding a purpose for your blog.

Today, we’re going to talk about using media to supplement and promote your blog.

In this relatively new digital age, consumers are often bombarded with information from multiple avenues. The term “social media” now encompasses a plethora of platforms – each with a different demographic reach, different practices, and unique uses. Keeping up with it all can be overwhelming to a busy small business owner.

In order to be a successful business blogger, you need to be able to master the media around you. Here are my top three beginner tips to help you plan for the distribution and integration of your business blog.

I. Stick with what you know – and grow from there.

I tell every single client: If you’re new(ish) to social media for business, pick up one or two platforms and get to know them really well. Once you feel comfortable with a specific platform – like Facebook or Twitter – stay consistent there and add another outlet, like Pinterest or Meerkat. If you take on too much at once, your content will suffer in every outlet.

II. Blogs don’t have to be just text!

When business owners first hear the term “blog”, they most often imagine a few paragraphs on a certain topic. Maybe they’ll throw in a link or two if they’re feeling adventurous.

Content is not exclusive to the written word! There are video blogs (or vlogs – creative, right?), infographics, and podcasts that can all make for fantastic blog posts. The great thing about digital media is that there is always a new and exciting way to get your ideas out there! Spread your wings a little and try something more exciting on your blog!

III. Cross-Promote

If you have a business presence anywhere on the Internet, you need to be promoting your blog there. It starts on your website, and blooms out to each of your social media outlets. Post the link to your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and anywhere else that you happen to be!

Don’t stop at your personal business outlets; find referral partners and guest post a blog or two on their sites. You can also add links in your blogs to one of their posts – just so long as they return the favor! By combining resources and audiences, small business owners often find that this is a win-win for both parties! Just make sure you establish branding “ground rules” right off the bat – don’t wait until there’s an issue. It will help to preserve the business relationship in the long run.

Lost in the Media Shuffle?

Heeren Content & Strategy offers blogging services from development, to editing, to promotion. If you’re still struggling to keep up with digital media in your business, email erika@heerencontentstrategy.com for a free consultation!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Building Blocks series on blogging. Tune in next week as we delve a little deeper into social media strategies for small business!

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