Social Media Bootcamp: Hashtag Hustle
February 21, 2016
Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook FAQs
March 16, 2016

Welcome to Week 3 of Social Media Bootcamp!

Need to catch up? Check out Week 1 and Week 2 here!

This week we’re going to take a brief look at each platform and what you should/should not post on each. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the different platforms as we progress through the Bootcamp series!

You’ve heard me say it before – not every platform is going to be good for your unique business. So, today we’re only going to explore the most popular social media sites to give you a few options to get started.


Facebook is great for reaching a large, yet targeted audience. Facebook has the most users of the social media platforms, and offers a lot of content flexibility. This makes it a fantastic foundation for any social media strategy!


Create posts with eye-catching images

Upload your videos directly to the site

Add weekly links to relevant articles

Run contests (like these)!

Post links to your blogs!

Publicize sales and promotions

Focus more on tagging affiliates rather than hashtags


Rely on YouTube to share your videos on Facebook

Make a sales pitch every day

Make inflammatory, derogatory, or inappropriate commentary

Use images that contain more than 20% text

Use too much “Facebook blue” in your posts – they’ll get lost in the shuffle!


Twitter has experienced some setbacks recently, but it still ranks as the second most popular social media option for businesses. Twitter is a great option if you post a lot of blogs or industry articles. Twitter is also a fantastic cross-promotion partner if you’re a LinkedIn fan!


Use hashtags

Keep it short & sweet (you only have 140 characters!)

Use your tweets as a teaser for your blog articles

Tag your friends and larger audience groups

Share all of your LinkedIn Pulse articles

Use Periscope for live, interactive video feeds

Add images – but watch your word count!

Add hashtags to optimize your profile description


Neglect to proofread – you can’t edit tweets after you post them – only delete!

Make damaging statements towards other users – you can delete regrettable tweets, but screenshots last forever.

Post just to post – contribute to the conversation


LinkedIn is the tired largest social network, right behind Facebook and Twitter. What’s fantastic about LinkedIn is that it has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of all three platforms. People on LinkedIn are looking for business, and they’re looking for connections. If you’re in a B2B services industry, this can be a goldmine!


Customize your URL

Create a profile badge for your website

Use keywords to write your profile

Get endorsed for skills

Start a conversation with your connections

Share your LinkedIn posts to Twitter

Target posts from your company page

Publish posts on Pulse


Don’t rely on the generic ‘connect’ email

Post only sporadically – keep it consistent

Confuse LinkedIn with Facebook – stay professional

….But Wait – There’s More!

This is just scratching the surface of the basic social media platforms. As we work through the Bootcamp series, we’ll be taking a deeper look at each of these – and a few more social media sites that you should know.

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