Social Media Bootcamp: Puzzling Platforms
February 27, 2016
Social Media Bootcamp: Twitter Tactics
June 2, 2016

Welcome to Week 4 of Social Media Bootcamp! You’re halfway through the basics of social media for business!

If you’re just joining us, get caught up:

Week 1 – Foundations

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Week 3 – Puzzling Platforms

While we’ve covered the very  basic overview of Facebook, this week we’re going to take a closer look at this social media powerhouse.

Facebook is the largest social media platform available to businesses today. Engagement-wise there are more than 3 billion like and comments flying around between users every single day! What business wouldn’t want a part of that?!

Where do you start? Here are five questions I often get from first-time clients.

Do I Make a Page for My Business, or a Profile?

I get this question a lot. Even if you’re a “solopreneur” – go with a page, not a profile.



A business page offers statistics that you will need to create a great campaign. Reviews, apps, and other assorted goodies? Can’t have them on a profile.

Also, you want your customers to come and go as they please. You wouldn’t want to miss a “friend” request from a prospective customer and have them feel like you’ve overlooked them.

Avoid the drama – get yourself a page.

What Are Insights?

Facebook is my favorite platform because of the power behind its analytics. On your “Insights” tab, you’ll find a plethora of information about your followers, fans, and prospective customers. You can learn when they’re online, what kinds of posts they prefer, which topics are of greater interest to them, and other important info.

You’ll need this information to create an effective strategy. To get this, you need at least 30 followers. With consistent posting, you’ll find the information you have after 60 days to be extremely valuable.

What Do I Put On My Facebook Page?

So – you’ve created page: Now what?

First, start with your vital stats. I’m talking about your address, phone number, website, and hours. The next thing I want you to add is your mission statement. This should be a focal point for your page, and your brand voice.

Next, you’ll want to write a one-paragraph description of your company. Facebook is a place for conversation and connection, so I don’t want you to just say what you do, I want you to explain why you do it.

Finally, include a list of your main services or product types so people know what you’re all about!

How Do I Set Up Reviews?

The review app is one of the most sought after for newly-minted small business pages. Before you wander off with visions of five-star ratings dancing around in your head, you’ll need to do a little housekeeping.

You will need to have your business page set up as a “Local Business” on Facebook. You’ll need to have a local address. This can be an issue for home-based businesses, but Facebook will allow you to use a city and state without giving up your full street address and house number.

You’ll also need to prove to Facebook HQ that you are actually operating out of that address. So, be prepared to scan and email a business license, utility bill, or similar proof of your business credentials.

Once approved, you can start reaching out to customers for those fantastic reviews!

BONUS: What do you do if you get a bad review? Follow this five-step plan!

What Types of Things Should I Post?

Facebook is becoming increasingly image-based. In fact, photos and videos statistically receive an impressive 87% higher engagement compared to their textual counterparts.

What does this tell us? Use more images in your posts!

This can include pictures, banners, infographics, memes, and videos.

As far as content goes, the key here is consistency. Start getting into the habit of creating a weekly calendar for your social media, and plan your posts ahead of time.


We could spend weeks going over the ins and outs of Facebook marketing. This should give you a basic idea to get started. If you’re ready to take your Facebook game to the next level, Heeren Content & Strategy offers monthly packages to increase your following and engagement through dynamic content. Contact Erika Heeren for your free consultation!

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