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July 28, 2016
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Facebook has officially rolled out a brand new look for Pages – again. Nobody panic.

While the desktop layout is drastically different, most of your features are still the same. They’ve just been reorganized.

From a design/readability perspective, the new layout is actually quite clean. It also allows you to prominently feature your brand more effectively than the old version.

Take a look:

New Facebook Page Layout


The new design change also changes the way you present your content. The good news? You have access to new features that can bolster your current strategy.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to your new Page!

Statement Cover Photo

In the previous layout, the logo photo was placed in the left lower corner of the cover photo (like a standard profile). This has been a focus of consternation for branding experts for years, and I am happy to see it go.

Now, you have the entire space to make your mark. No longer to you have to fiddle with your cover photo layout in Photoshop, you can maximize your space to provide a more consistent brand feel.

Logo Placement

 The logo has been placed prominently on the upper left frame, right next to your cover photo. Simple, clean, and easy to see.

 You Can See ALL Of Your Page Tabs! 

With the old layout, you had to pick your favorite three tabs to feature on your profile. Not anymore!

Now, all of your tabs are visible and accessible on the left frame, right under your logo and profile name. The benefit? Your guests can easily navigate through your information without missing any of that hard-earned content you’ve created!

Your Call-To-Action Button is BIG 

Your call-to-action and contact information used to be tucked away in the right hand corner behind your top tabs. Now, your call to action, message, and “Like” button take up the entire row under your cover photo. 

No More Ads

One major change to Facebook Pages is that your desktop page is now completely ad-free. On the old layout, ads (potentially competitive ads) would have appeared on the right frame of your page. Now, your users will see your about section, videos, comments, reviews, and other brand info.

Services Feature

If you are a professional services provider, Facebook Pages now offers a new tab: Services. Using this feature, you list exactly what services you provide. You can add photos, prices, and a description of the service. This is a great way to give your audiences the details of your business with a simple “click”.

Facebook Services Section

Shop Feature – Testing

If you sell products, you may have the option to add the ‘Shop’ tab to your Facebook page. Like the ‘Services’ tab, you can list the items you sell, and users can make an offer on the item via messenger. This has been rolled out in emerging markets, but will be offered to other providers in the coming months.

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