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November 16, 2016
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The holidays are right around the corner! Before you know it, you’ll be smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Years.

Statistically, the last two months of the year accounts for 20-40% of annual sales for many retail businesses. That’s a huge chunk of revenue that you might miss out on if you’re not on top of your marketing game.

Hopefully, you have a strategy in place already. If not, check out our article for holiday marketing procrastinators, and get yourself up to speed!

If you have a plan to draw the holiday crowds, but need a little extra ‘oomph’ to set you apart from the competition – here are a few easy, actionable tips you can incorporate into your strategy.

  1. Cause Marketing

The holiday season is the perfect time to introduce cause marketing into your strategy. Today’s consumer wants to know that the businesses they patron are focused on giving back to the community. In fact, research shows that nearly 90% of consumers would switch brands of equal price and quality if one associated itself with a social or environmental cause.

To add cause marketing to your current strategy, find a local charity that fits your company mission. Maybe that’s the local food bank, a rescue mission, or school activity. Once you’ve established the cause you want to support, ask for donations. As a reward for the donations, offer a small gift certificate to your customers.

This not only gets customers through the door, it also encourages them to spend more while supporting a great cause.

  1. Take the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving

You know that person on your list who is impossible to shop for? The one you spend hours searching for, but just can’t seem to find that perfect gift? Guess what? Your customers have them on their shopping list too!

Make Christmas shopping quick and easy for your audience. Put together gift lists for different personas, and feature them on your website, social media, and in-store. Put together the perfect gift set for the professional on the go, the stay-at-home parent who needs a night off, or the master golfer.

Get your team involved and have some fun putting these gift guides together. Offer a small discount if the customer purchases the entire gift package. If you want to get really ambitious, you can even offer gift-wrapping in-store! The key here is keep the holiday shopping season simple for your customers.

  1. Boost Your Customer Lists

Now is the time to increase the number of email and mobile subscribers for your retail business. If you are running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion, get those email or mobile users to sign up to get additional discounts or info on the sale.

You’ll increase your lists while driving sales – talk about a win-win! Just don’t forget to follow up with those lists in the new year. Make sure you have a long-term strategy in place to nurture that relationship with your holiday customers all year long.

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