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December 14, 2016
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January 5, 2017

The fitness industry is booming right now. With that comes steep competition amongst fitness brands. Pricing wars between gyms and coaches can get cutthroat. Wearables like FitBit provide users with in-depth biometric data about how their body responds to physical activity, reducing the need for a personal trainer. Finally, the proliferation of online “coaches” – certified or not – has created an industry that is so saturated, it’s hard for many to stand out.

As a fitness coach, fitness facility, or personal trainer, utilizing social media and blogging is the optimal way to connect with potential clients. But – it has to count. You need to add value to your audience, not simply provide the same information that every other coach is offering.

Not convinced? Let’s look at the top four benefits of an effective content strategy for your fitness brand.

#1. You Build Trust.

There are expected to be nearly 350,000 certified personal trainers in the United States by 2018. As of 2015, there were 35,000 membership-based fitness facilities in the United States. That’s not counting the trainers who are operating online businesses, but are not certified. What do they have in common? They are all claiming to be the best. Why should a fitness client choose you?

Fitness clients want to know that their fitness programs are going to produce results. After all, they are putting their health in the hands of your program.

An effective content strategy for a fitness professional will consistently explain the “why” in their process. It will also demonstrate realistic results from their programs. Combine that with research that proves the validity of your programs, and you’ve got a winning narrative.

Content marketing enables you to prove that you know your stuff. People trust experts – so show off those years of study and technique!


#2. You Can Connect to Your Target Audience More Efficiently.

If you are an online fitness trainer, you can take on clients across the country. If your fitness brand has a physical location, you are going to be focused on an smaller target market.

An effective content strategy allows you to put your message in front of the most important people – your ideal customer. For example, if your brand if focused on new moms, you can skip the rest of the crowd and go straight to the online areas that mommy-bloggers frequently scroll through. This way, your content is being used to its optimal potential.

Creating buyer personas for your brand outreach will be vital to your success in effective targeting on social media and other online outlets.

#3. You Open the Door to Other Fitness Brand Affiliate Marketing Opportunities.

As you start to put your content onto social media you immediately grow your ability to network. If you are sharing quality online content, other brands will want to be a part of your platform – because it adds value to their customer base as well.

For example, if you are marketing a fitness program for office workers, you could link up with another brand that teaches corporate meditation. The key is to find non-competitive referral partners that fit within your core values. Affiliate marketing will broaden your audience base and build your opportunities to gain new clients. But – you have to start with something of value.

For more information about creating an affiliate partner program for your fitness brand, contact Heeren Content for a free consultation.

#4 Personality Always Sells.

Customers want to buy from people they like. If a reader feels connected to you because they’ve shared in your struggles and celebrations – they will be eager to choose you when it’s time to buy. Be yourself, and be transparent about your fitness programs. If you craft a message around a real-life fitness journey, you’ll catch more loyal fans.

Go above and beyond with what you offer online; it will set you apart from other wellness brands. The emphasis here should be quality over quantity. You don’t have to post more to be competitive; you just need to bring something of unique value.

This will build trust with your followers and ensure that when it’s time for them to purchase, you’ll be the one they want to purchase from – because you offer something different.

The first step in this process is taking an objective look at your content. For a FREE analysis with experienced fitness marketing professionals, contact Heeren Content & Strategy.

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