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As a fitness professional, sharing helpful content online puts you in the forefront of the minds of your customers and increases your chances of gaining new clients. To set yourself apart from other online wellness brands, you must go above and beyond with what you offer online.

The emphasis here should be quality over quantity. You don’t have to post more; you just need to bring something of unique value.

The first step in this process is taking an objective look at your content. Is what you are promoting unique? We’ve taken the three overdone fitness content topics to get you started.

Overused Fitness Content Idea #1: Hot Water with Lemon

Every other fitness website you see has featured an article on the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon in the morning. This is a quality tip, but sharing it again shows that you aren’t bringing anything fresh to the table. You want to create a reputation as the source for expert advice on your industry.

What to Do Instead: Offer up your morning routine. If you choose to drink coffee as opposed to water with lemon, share why you choose to do that. Your perspective on choosing what feels right to you despite what’s deemed “healthy” will spark a conversation between people who feel the same way. This truth share gives you the opportunity to gain the trust of online health seekers who may have otherwise felt alienated by the “water with lemon” obsessed.

If water with lemon is a favorite of yours, share it from another perspective. Offer ideas on how to buy seasonal citrus, or offer ideas for additional add-ins for unique flavors!

Overused Fitness Content Idea #2: The Food Diary

Most fitness celebrities have been featured in a “What I Eat in a Day” article. These posts feature photos of the celeb’s plates from breakfast to dinner. The problem with sharing a food diary is that everyday food intake varies immensely based on activity level, income, and geographic location. Seeing what you eat in a day can be intimidating or not relatable to potential clients.

What to Do Instead: Although overdone, when produced correctly, a food diary can be a good tool to showcase your knowledge. The key is shake it up from the original model. The new food diary should be interactive by making use of the new “live” capabilities on most social media platforms. Try creating fresh recipes on Facebook Live every week instead of building a whole diary. This gives your audience a peek at your unique personality, which is what will ultimately set you apart from the competition.


Overused Fitness Content Idea #3: Glamour Shots

You know, that sparkly photo of yourself that you like to look at when nobody is watching. We all have those photos that we are proud of – they may show a beautiful backdrop or a perfect yoga pose. These are okay to share once in awhile, but they lack a relatable quality that will help you connect on a deeper level with your audience. There’s a long way from those “before” and “after” pictures, don’t alienate the audience that’s somewhere in the middle.

What to Do Instead: When sharing the picturesque photos, explain the challenges behind the photo. Explain how hard it was to summit that peak or the countless hours it took you to perfect that the yoga pose. Don’t be afraid to share photos that are less perfect. When you add in real-life feelings people are more apt to stick around your page. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a chance to share a laugh while reaching for a new goal?


The bottom line in sharing fitness on social media is to offer a solid perspective health seekers can only get from you, a fitness professional with high quality knowledge and a unique perspective. Your creativity in sharing online will boost your following on the screen and get people where you want them, on your client list.

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