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February 14, 2017
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March 21, 2017

Throw open the windows! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. It’s finally springtime!

As we emerge from our winter hibernation, it’s the perfect time to do a little scrubbing and clear the clutter. Welcome to the beginning of the spring cleaning season! Most of us spend this time of year clearing out our homes, vacuuming between the couch cushions, moving appliances, and really getting into every area of our homes for that fresh start.

The nooks and crannies of your webpages are no exception. If it has been awhile since you’ve taken a look at your web content (we’re talking 6 months to a year or more), now is the time to freshen things up with a content audit.

What’s a Content Audit?

A content audit is the process of evaluating the text, pictures, graphics and other user-facing elements of your website. This can be done on all of your webpages, or just your core areas.

Having an effective website means having good content. This means you’re going to have to revisit it – frequently.

More often than not, we post something online and then never touch it again. Whether it has been years or even just a few months later, that content may be stale and musty. It may be outdated, irrelevant or just not new anymore to your audience.

If you’re not adding that fresh value to your audience – what’s the point, right?

Your goal when performing a content audit is to determine and categorize:

What goes?

What stays?

What needs to be improved?

What needs to be consolidated?

Performing a Content Audit

To start a content audit, take a look at what’s on your website. You want to clearly and objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website. In this case, in may be worthwhile to bring in a third-party reviewer to give you an honest assessment.

To give yourself a solid content audit, use this checklist:

Which webpages that are performing the best? This should be your homepage, services/product information pages, blogs, and calls to action pages – such as online ordering. If you’re not sure how to track this – check out Yoast, or give us a call for a free consultation!

Which webpages that are performing the worst? You’re looking for traffic, and how long your users are staying on the site. Which pages are keeping them there?

Is any of the information outdated, such as graphics with old data? If you struggle with this, check out our blog on evergreen content.

Is there any information that needs to be improved, such as condensing lengthy text?

Information that is redundant

Content that is poorly organized – this may be data driven, such as which webpages are audiences visiting and for how long. Or it may be analytical editing. For example, do your webpages requires users to scroll? If so, it could be time to replace wordy text with more-concise copy.

Making a Content Plan

It’s likely at least some of your webpages have clutter or are a little dusty. Tidy them up so your message can really sparkle and shine. Why? To reach your audience and prompt them to take action.

The magnitude of a content audit is up to you. It does not have to be all or nothing – just like spring cleaning at home. Go little by little, if need be. Start with your most important webpages, including your homepage, your “contact us” page and your “about us” page.

The most important thing is to start with a plan. How do you want your brand to be perceived by your audience? That will determine the direction of your web content and give you insight into what needs to be updated.

Need help? Heeren Content & Strategy offers content audits and development to keep your website in peak condition. Schedule your free consultation today!

Contributor: Brye Steeves

Brye Butler Steeves is writer and editor with 12 years of experience as a reporter, a writer, and an editor for newspapers, magazines, trade and academic journals, children’s publications, and online. She is the author of a recently published children’s book, “Daddy Flies,” as well as recently published academic research, “Energy Security: China and the United States’ Renewable Energy Divergence.” Steeves has been a military spouse since 2003 and can attest to the breadth, perspective and experience the military lifestyle has contributed to shaping and developing her as a professional journalist – and as a person who wants to make a difference.

Brye serves as a content consultant for Heeren Content & Strategy clients looking to elevate their messaging and outreach.

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