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Where would we be without volunteers? These selfless individuals play vital roles in our communities. If you have a leadership role in a nonprofit, you rely heavily on volunteer engagement to execute the organizational mission. Your volunteers are the backbone of your organization. You need to keep them engaged and involved.

Digital media has opened new doors to recruit and engage your volunteer force. The cost effective and high reach nature of digital media makes it easier for nonprofits to connect with this audience. Here are a few ideas to help your nonprofit increase volunteer retention.

Volunteer Engagement Tool #1: Surveys

One of the best ways to improve volunteer retention is to take an objective look into your volunteer program. Each of your volunteers has different reasons for participating in your cause, and you need to make sure that you are helping them reach that goal. Online surveys give you valuable insight into the concerns of your volunteers.

Volunteer Engagement Tool #2: Social Media

Your volunteers are likely proud of your organization. Social media give them an opportunity to share valuable information about the cause. By maintaining an active social media presence, you give your volunteers content to distribute.

Social media can also be a great opportunity to recognize your volunteers. Just make sure that you have permission to share their name and likeness before you mention them specifically!

Volunteer Engagement Tool #3: Videos

Your volunteers participate in your organization because they believe in your cause. Give them a chance to tell their story through videos. This may be individual videos, or footage of your team working on an event or project. Not only does this give recognition to current volunteers, it also serves to inspire less active or new volunteers.

Volunteer Engagement Tool #4: Email

If you find that volunteer participation is low, maybe it’s because your volunteers don’t know about all of the opportunities to serve. Email newsletters are a great way to increase volunteer engagement. This helps to keep everyone up to date on what events and opportunities are on the calendar. Your volunteers can plan ahead and participate in the projects that fit their personality.

Does your organization need help with volunteer engagement or fundraising? Heeren Content & Strategy offers discounts on service to nonprofits. HCS also provides 100 pro bono hours to deserving nonprofits every year. For more information about our nonprofit program, schedule a free consultation.

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