Email Marketing Services

Don’t Let Your Content Just Sit on Your Website, Engage Your Audience with an Email Marketing Campaign!

Email marketing is an often-overlooked facet of any effective digital marketing campaign for small business. After going through the trouble of creating the website, writing your content, posting on social media, building your videos, and posting your blogs consistently – many small business owners think they can sit back and wait for the customers to visit their content.

This is a costly mistake!

From list building to email design and deployment – there is a lot to consider. Heeren Content & Strategy has a substantial history of implementing successful email marketing campaigns specifically for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Are you struggling with creating or maintaining an email marketing strategy for your small business? We can help!


"Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale."

– David Newman


Why Does My Business Need an Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing offers the opportunity to take your content strategy to the next level. You can create a meaningful and ongoing connection with your audience through their inboxes. It’s not enough to simply send out sales emails, you need to provide useful information on a consistent basis to remain in good standing with your customers, prospective customers, and potential referral partners.

Need Proof? Here Are the Stats:

Not all emails are created equal. Transactional emails receive eight times as many opens compared to regular marketing emails. Hiring an email marketing professional can help your business avoid costly marketing missteps, and send the right type of content, the first time.

A single email won’t work for every user. Recipients are 75% more likely to click on emails from segmented campaigns than non-segmented campaigns. For example, if you are a business-to-business (B2B) company, you may need to reach different decision-makers and influences – each with their own motivations. Your email marketing campaign will need to address this issue to be effective.

Customers read before they buy. The average person consumes 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision. An efficient email marketing campaign will help to connect the right audience with your content without sounding “pitchy”.

Mobile Marketing Matters. Emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds. To avoid being another throwaway in the trash folder, hiring an email marketing professional can help you make sure your design is sleek and mobile-friendly.




Email marketing allows you to connect directly with customers and potential customers, and it yields an extremely high ROI — on average, $44 for every $1 you spend.




Contract add-ons include:

Content Creation: Develop email content based upon client’s website content, marketing materials, raw copy and/or a Heeren Content & Strategy email content questionnaire.

Photography/Stock Images: To enhance design and complement your content.

Coordinating Showcase Template: A shorter, more focused email communication that complements your main newsletter and features a special message, announcement or promotion (holiday greetings, vacation notices, contest winners) and is blasted in conjunction with your main newsletter as needed.

Testing & Performance Comparison: To include subject line testing; content/message testing; promotion/coupon testing to gauge and compare campaign performance and foster campaign refinement.

List Maintenance: To include review of strategy and goals; list cleansing (updates, bounces, unsubscribes); list building and enrichment (through segmentation and targeting) list management (based on specific data); and campaign analysis & reporting.