Scalable Training for Marketing Teams

The best marketing strategy is only as effective as its implementation. For small businesses, hiring full-time agency help may not be the most cost-efficient way to reach your goals. Sometimes, training your existing employees may be your best bet.

This can be beneficial to both the business and the employee. For the business, you have dedicated marketing personnel working on your brand exclusively. With proper training, you can grow an entry-level employee into management roles, and eventually have them help to train your junior employees. Your initial training investment has the potential to pay dividends in your business for years to come.

As you open new locations, launch new products, or expand your business – you have a brand expert on your team. For the employee, they learn a new, desirable skill – which can help them now and in the future.

Digital marketing best practices change at break-neck speed. There are always new methods, technologies, and fundaments to learn. If you don’t understand digital marketing, how can you train your team to be effective marketers? We can help you build on your existing resources.

Heeren Content & Strategy offers internal training packages to complement our strategy development and policy development plans. We will come to your business, and train your employee(s) on the technology and practices to manage your brand strategy.


"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

– Jack Welch


I Want to Hire Heeren Content & Strategy to Train My Marketing Team. What Should I Expect?



Consultation with One of Our Consultants

We’ll review your current marketing practices and discuss your goals for the business and your team. We’ll meet with each team member for a brief interview to get a feeling for their skill level and individual expertise. Finally, we’ll make a recommendation on the type of training that will best suit your business.



Creation of Unique Training Plan for Your Business

Once we’ve established your needs and the skill level of your employees, we’ll create a documented training curriculum for your business. This curriculum is exclusive to your company, and targeted for your industry. Typically, this curriculum may include workbooks, presentations, technical manuals, videos and a schedule. Our instructional design professionals have worked with Fortune 500 companies and will create the most effective training program for your business.



Training Intensive

Once we have developed the curriculum, we’ll schedule a training intensive for your team. These intensives usually last one to two weeks for five hours a day. We’ll come to your location and teach your selected team members the most effective way to implement your marketing plan. From textbooks to practical applications – we’ll cover everything they need to succeed. At the end of this intensive, you’ll have a skilled marketing team!



The Hand-Off

After the training intensive, we will have a closing consultation with your management team. You’ll receive a copy of the training curriculum and documentation for future use.




Our training services are unique, and designed specifically for each business. Internal training packages start at $15,000 plus travel expenses, if applicable.

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