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Connecting Small Businesses with Communities – Locally and Beyond!

At Heeren Content & Strategy, we’re more than just a marketing agency – we’re the go-to communications resource for every aspect of your growing business!

Digital media has changed the nature of public relations for small business. Today, small businesses need to engage with local news outlets while leveraging social platforms to remain competitive. We cover the following areas detailed on the page.

How can we help you?



"If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations."

– Bill Gates


Brand Positioning
We know that running a small business doesn’t mean you can’t think BIG. We will work closely with your team and help you clearly define what makes you and your products or services unique. This differentiation can give you a strong competitive edge in your industry.



Community Connections
Content isn’t king, your audience is! We are experts in defining target audience segments, and creating data-driven strategies to reach them. We’re in the business of building relationships to increase your brand reach.



Crisis Mitigation & Crisis Management
From poor reviews, to product recalls, social media commentary and beyond – a single communications disaster can kill your small business. We specialize in strategy development, documentation, and staff training to protect you and your brand.



Press Releases & Media Relations
Do you need to get the word out about a product, service, award, or new location? We can help! Reporters are often flooded with news releases from local businesses. The press releases that get published are the ones written with the current news cycle in mind. The team at Heeren Content & Strategy have a clear understanding of how to work with the local and national media.



Media Buying
Running an ad on TV, on the radio, or in the newspaper is expensive. From production to negotiating ad rates – we can help your business get the most of your investment.



A Communications Agency with Values

We know you have several choices when it comes to finding a communication professional for your business. We seek to align ourselves with clientele who share our core principles for public relations:



Honesty is always the best policy. No exceptions.

To be a great communicator, you must first be a great listener.

Invest in the research, then the strategy. We are a data-driven agency.



Be consistent in your culture. We take a whole-team approach to public relations.

Creativity is key! We believe in finding new and innovative ways to reach your goals.




Our comprehensive public relations packages are designed to be the best value for your business. However, every small business has different needs – so each package will vary. Typically, comprehensive public relations management will range from $500 to $3000 per month with a minimum 6-month contract.

Our goal with these packages is to fit a small business budget. This approach offers your business a more cost-efficient option than hiring a full-time communications employee without losing the experience you need to grow.

We do offer a la carte services, including press release development & distribution, and media buying. Please contact us for rates.

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